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Manchester Citi Bus 103 in Piccadilly

30 Oct
Manchester Citi bus in Piccadilly. Image courtesy of J. Shaw.

Manchester Citi bus in Piccadilly with Sunley Piazza in the background. Image courtesy of J. Shaw.

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ClipperCard – Manchester Bus Service – From 1991

23 Oct

Manchester Bus ClipperCard from 1991. Courtesy D. Boothman.

This is a Manchester bus service ClipperCard from 1991, which was launched in December 1979 by Greater Manchester Transport.

The Clippercard offered 10 bus journeys for the price of 9, which the traveller would ‘clip-off’ in the self-cancelling machines which were installed on every bus.

There ease of use, convenience and offer of cost saving travel meant they became very popular throughout Manchester right up until they were replaced in 2004, when electronic recording of passenger journeys was brought in.

The expansion of the school bus network also led to the demise of the ClipperCards, coupled with a great shift for children to be driven to school by their parents, rather than using the bus service or indeed walking.

The forced break-up of GM Buses by the Conservative Government in the 1990s also impacted greatly on the ClipperCard, as the UK Government wanted to streamline the system and essentially make more money from the bus services and so implemented their long held belief that privatisation rather than public ownership was the way forward.

This built upon the Conservative Governments deregulation of the transport system in 1980 and the Transport Act of 1985, which took power and operations away from councils and local transport authorities and into private hands, the result of which has seen a monopoly of the system by a small number of companies and regular increases in fares above inflation.

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