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Newton Heath Loco v Manchester United Programme Cover from 1950

22 Aug

Newton Heath Loco v Manchester United programme cover - 1950.

This is the cover of the Newton Heath Loco programme from 1950 against Manchester United A team.

Newton Heath Loco were a very famous football team in Manchester and played their games at a pitch just off Oldham Road in Newton Heath at Ceylon Street (picture below). Up until recently, around 2008, the pitch was still there and had insitu its original concrete terraces until the land was bought by property developers, Bellway Homes and houses were subsequently built upon it with the loss of the very last piece of historic sporting legacy left in Newton Heath, leaving just the many memories that the locals have whose many voices of objection were unheard.

Local belief has it that Manchester United started life on this pitch and played many of their early games here until they moved to North Road. Sadly there is even less evidence of this now with the destruction of Ceylon Street football pitch and the North Road pitch had been lost many many years ago.

There is more evidence that Manchester United started life at Ceylon Street than there is to say Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest, yet it doesn’t stop the tourist board of Nottingham using it has a springboard to attract business and tourism to the City. This was a once in a life time golden opportunity to bring real creative regeneration to a once proud area that gave birth to the most famous football club in the world and give rise to a tourist industry in Newton Heath.

Football pitch off Ceylon Street - Newton Heath prior to demolition in 2010.

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