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Investigating Jerome Caminada, Manchester’s Sherlock Holmes

19 Jun

Whilst researching the adventures of Detective Jerome Caminada for my book, The Real Sherlock Holmes, I came across some unexpected treasures in the Greater Manchester County Record Office, which helped me to piece together his extraordinary life and groundbreaking detective work.

Jerome Caminada Image courtesy of Greater Manchester Police Museum and Archives

Jerome Caminada was born in the slums of Deansgate in 1844. The son of immigrant parents, he endured a precarious childhood in the crime-infested streets of his neighbourhood and joined the Manchester City Police Force at the age of 23. Showing an early aptitude for detective work, he was soon promoted into the detective department and rose through the ranks to become one of Manchester’s finest police officers. A master of disguise and an expert in deduction, he tackled all manner of criminals, from pickpockets and thieves to ruthless con artists and even coldblooded murderers. I found information about…

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