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History Myths? Blackley Forest, Manchester

29 May

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As a local community, what is our history and how is it created?

This is just one idea being explored in a range of projects involving several Manchester primary schools, in collaboration with Greater Manchester County Record Office, Manchester Archives+ and The English Heritage, Heritage Schools Project.

As part of this project, children at Bowker Vale Primary School in North Manchester are being encouraged to explore and appreciate their local history.

Bowker Vale Primary School

Their focus is Blackley Forest, re-planted by children of the school sixty years ago. This was in April 1953, the year in which we celebrated the Coronation of Elizabeth II. Later that year, an ‘Arbor Week’ was scheduled, when members of the public and local children could plant more trees.

The public planting of Blackley Forest is remembered locally as commemorative of the Coronation, as well as standing as a memorial for the fallen soldiers…

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