Stan Bowles Fan Club – 1978

11 Mar
Stan Bowles Newsletter from 1978. Courtesy of S. Bilbe.

Stan Bowles Fan Club newsletter from 1978. Courtesy of S. Bilbe.

This is a newsletter from the Official Stan Bowles Fan Club from 1978. The newsletters mentions QPR‘s cup run and their 6-1 win over West Ham United in the 4th round replay in the Football Association Challenge Cup (1977-78) or more commonly known as the  FA Cup on 31st January 1978. QPR would finally succumb to Brian Clough‘s Nottingham Forest in a 3-1 replay at the City Ground  in the next round. QPR had a dreadful season (1977-78) and Stan hints at the fans being on the players backs. QPR would finish 4th from bottom, narrowly missing relegation from the old First Division by 1 point. Ironically it would be West Ham United who they superseded. Stan was coming towards the end of his QPR  career in 1978 and would have just one more season before joining Brian Clough‘s all conquering Nottingham Forest. It would not be a happy marriage! The newsletter also mentions how stan had finally got his family settled in Neasden (although its spelt Neaston!) in northwest London,  Surely Stan had someone to type his newsletters for him! Stan finally gives thanks on behalf of himself and fellow QPR  player John Hollins for the recent Christmas toy donations and the many cards he had received for his Christmas Eve  birthday. If you want to see and hear a little more about the life and times of Stanley Bowles please click on: TALKING SOCCER If you would like to add any further information, memories, pictures or stories regarding the post, HistoryME would love to hear from you. Many thanks to S. Bilbe who made this post possible. Please contact us by using the form below:


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