Briscoe Lane Primary School – Class 1961

27 Sep

Briscoe Lane Primary School – Class of 1961. Courtesy of P. Stanley.

Briscoe Lane Primary School – Class of 1961. Courtesy of P. Stanley.

Briscoe Lane Primary School in Newton Heath – Class of 1961, taken in the playground at the south of the building.

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Back row from left: 1. Miss Lambert 2. Jean Spriggs 3. Carol Donbovand 4. Gail Freeman 5. Ann Rowton 6. Joan Ellem 7. Jeanie McCloglan 8. Linda Whiteoak 9. Pamela Fortune 10. Mavis Heaps 11. Linda Saunders 12. Mr Thornburrow.

3rd row from left:  13. (UNKNOWN?) 14. Eric Charnock 15.  (UNKNOWN?) 16. Clive (UNKNOWN?) 17. (UNKNOWN?)  18. Billy Fitton 19. Jimmy Walmesly 20. Malcolm Hunt 21. Paul Stelmack  22. (UNKNOWN?) 23. Colin Witherford.

2nd row from left: 24. Ann Earnest 25. Nerys Jones 26. (UNKNOWN?) 27. Ann (UNKNOWN?) 28. Marilyn Barber 29. Christina Green 30. Lynn Simpson 31. (UNKNOWN?) 32. Jean Bamber 33. (UNKNOWN?).

Front row from left: 34. Raymond Cosgrove 35. Alan Slack 36. Brian Heavyside 37. Stephanie Greenough 38. Susan Forge 39. June Halstead 40. (UNKNOWN?) 41. (UNKNOWN?) 42. (UNKNOWN?) 43. Dave Wilson.

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2 Responses to “Briscoe Lane Primary School – Class 1961”

  1. S. Bernadette March 15, 2014 at 1:03 pm #

    Hello have just spotted the above photo of my old classmates of 1961, I am no.37
    Stephanie Greenough, not Greenwood as stated! I think perhaps I can fill in a few missing
    names as follows.No.19 Jimmy Walmesly, No.21 Paul Stelmack, No.25 Nerys Jones, No.28
    Marilyn Barber, No.38 Susan Forge. I have also noticed that three of the names do not
    match the numbers given, e.g. Billy Fitton is No.18 not 17, Colin Witherford is No.23 not
    22 and Dave Wilson is No.43 not 42. Hope this helps to fill a few gaps! It was great to
    find this photo and also the 1959 one of the staff as I haven’t seen either before and
    they brought back many memories.Thank you.


    • Historyme March 15, 2014 at 1:15 pm #

      Thank you kindly Stephanie. Wonderful to hear it brought back so many memories for you and thank you so much for adding to the post.


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