Save Ancoats Hospital (Dispensary) 900+ Signatures and Counting!

2 Aug


900+ and counting. Lets keep it up.

Please could everyone SIGN and FORWARD this petition to 10+ of their friends to sign. All support is very much appreciated.


2 Responses to “Save Ancoats Hospital (Dispensary) 900+ Signatures and Counting!”

  1. karlbarrett August 15, 2012 at 11:26 pm #

    Reblogged this on Landscape Urbanite and commented:
    I lost an old building in Blackpool. Me and my Brother used to go nightclubbing together in the great Mecca Buildings, the spiritual home of Northern Soul. It’s very sad to see buildings being demolished when they could be reused and reinvented. I hope and pray this building can be saved. It means so much to people. Do we need anymore ugly cheaply built new builds or car parks?


    • historyme August 16, 2012 at 12:33 am #

      Nice to hear from you Karl sorry to hear about a heritage asset in Blackpool was sadly destroyed.

      The reason so much is being lost is simply money. Not that these couldn’t be reused as your quote rightly pointed out, but property speculators who for the majority have no stake in the community or indeed live in the vicinity want to get maximum profit out of a site, irrespective of what the community thinks. They simply are not interested.

      The real crime is government and local councils who have promoted the demolition of at times who towns as in the case of Manchester, to the loss of community identity, history and sense of place. Its hard to fight such ‘crimes’ as those in power are often ‘friends’ of those perpetuating the demolitions and purposely ignore any plea from the community.

      Specifically within Ancoats where the Ancoats Dispensary is located, we have gained support from more than half the population and almost double what the 3 ‘representative’ councillors achieved at the last elections.

      If this building is sadly lost, they may have a shock come the next elections in a couple of years and all their ‘crimes’ against the community will be on every social media channel for all to see.

      Would love to see some pictures of the old Mecca Buildings and completely agree regarding ugly new builds and car parks! A picture you’ve painted is exactly what Manchester has become.


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