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Big Community Show Support for Historic Ancoats Dispensary

4 Aug

‎1000 and Counting! We have reached our online petition target of 1000, with almost 800 signatures coming in the last 4 weeks.

On behalf of those involved in the campaign and would like to thank you all for your support and offers of help, money, time and utmost support.

I think both Urban Splash who still hope to demolish this building in 2 weeks time and Manchester City Council who are supporting this, will know if they precede they are going against the wishes of a community of many.

There will also be a paper petition going around Ancoats and nearby towns this weekend, so I’m positive we’ll gain even more support.

This is our city and we’re sick of greedy developers destroying it then leaving it in a worse state than they found it.

Please everyone continue to send letters and emails and direct telephone calls to your local Councillors and please ensure Urban Splash also hear your objections to this.

Urban Splash are on Facebook
and Twitter – Urban Splash (0161 839 2999)
Email –


Save Ancoats Hospital (Dispensary) 900+ Signatures and Counting!

2 Aug


900+ and counting. Lets keep it up.

Please could everyone SIGN and FORWARD this petition to 10+ of their friends to sign. All support is very much appreciated.

Letter to Simon Thurley Chief Executive English Heritage

2 Aug

Dr Simon Thurley CBE. © 2012

To Simon Thurley

I was shocked and outraged at the decision by the Secretary of State (Eric Pickles), English Heritage and indeed Manchester City Council to allow the last remaining building out of 21 – the Ancoats Dispensary – to be allowed to be demolished.

In 11 years property speculators Urban Splash have taken a solid building and have been granted demolition on 2 other listed  buildings on the site with I presume the backing of both English Heritage and Manchester City Council.

In that 11 years the building has under your watch been subjected to what amounts to wanton cultural vandalism.

Having spoke to Communities and Local Government representative today and heard that English Heritage was ‘disappointed’ it did not object to the demolition. This is quite astounding to say the least.

What it is apparent is that this building lies in an area outside London, where protection of London’s history, now marketed to all terms and purposes as national heritage, is simply not of equal importance. If this is not the case, how can an historic building, within an area that is widely regarded as being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, not be of national or even regional importance! This is of world importance. It is clear to Fight2SaveAncoatsDispensary that protection of our built heritage is two-tiered in that whilst stately houses get prime protection, working-class or indeed under-class of the period in question is not worthy of protection as it doesn’t meet the ideology and mythic Americanised image of Englishness, where we all live in castles and stately homes.
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