Love Manchester – Save the Dispensary – by Linda Carver of the Ancoats Residents Forum

5 Nov


Following the valiant but unsuccessful struggle that took place to save the great Ancoats Hospital, the local community understood that the remaining Ancoats Dispensary a Grade 11 listed building was to be incorporated into the revitalisation plans for the area.

This is however, not the case. Following the abolition of the North West Development Agency by the current government and therefore along with it the withdrawal of grant funding in the region of £200,000, this historic landmark is faced with demolition.

Despite the amazing and creative construction work being carried out by Urban Splash, the Dispensary seems to outlived it’s use and stands as a relic of the past amongst all the new and exciting structures rising up in New Islington and Ancoats Urban Village.

Heritage Works indicate that they have tried unsuccessfully to secure funding to transform this historic building and state that

“The biggest surprise was the lack of involvement from the local community. Whilst the trust had a few suggestions, none of them were considered workable. We were actually shocked at the lack of local interest and engagement when we asked for ideas of what do with it. I don’t think people don’t care, they just didn’t know what to do with it”.

Despite these comments there IS huge interest and passion for saving this building and it would appear that whatever public consultation took place was not effective enough at reaching local residents.

There is already an online petition regarding this. We acknowledge that in the present economic climate finance cannot be readily available BUT we believe that the saving of this building is about more than money. It is about preserving the past for future generations and a reminder of the amazing and heroic struggle faced by ordinary yet extraordinary people living in this area.What do the people of Manchester really feel about preserving their Heritage?

We are therefore asking the City Council to ensure that a proper public consultation exercise takes place about the future of the Dispensary and to consider supporting the preservation of the building for at least 2 years until all avenues have been explored.

If you wish to send any ideas, comments in support of continuing to preserve this great building before it disappears from the landscape altogether then please contact your local Councillors, or email a member of the Ancoats Residents Forum at .Let’s make the slogan ‘I love Manchester’ really mean something. Thank You.


One Response to “Love Manchester – Save the Dispensary – by Linda Carver of the Ancoats Residents Forum”

  1. Anonymous June 1, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    we need are buildings to be saved its apart of are heritage the old buildings need to be left standing so people can remember ancoats how it use to be.we dont need these new builds there,s nothing appealing about live are history alone.


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