Malcolm Ross & Sons Paper Fabric Label – Manchester – circa 1970 – 1980

16 Oct

Malcolm Ross & Sons paper fabric label measures 11.43cm x 8.89cm & 10.16cm x 7.62cm. Image courtesy D. Holt.

These a two Malcolm Ross & Sons paper fabric labels which were recovered from a bonded warehouse in the centre of Manchester in the early 1980s when the textile industry was in decline and many of the warehouses were being demolished.

Malcolm Ross today in Alderley Edge

Malcolm Ross & Sons today in Alderley Edge. ©2013 Malcolm Ross

The exact date of the labels is unknown but the family run Malcolm Ross & Sons is still trading after originally being established in 1834 and is now based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire , specialising in the field of technical textiles, supplying a broad base of technical materials such as a filament yarn, monofilaments, fibrillated yarn, teabag thread, nylon cords, cotton & viscose string, medical thread, ripcord yarn and identification threads.

The labels have written on them Jardine Skinner & Co which refers to the Jardine Skinner & Co Trading Company established in Calcutta, India in 1844 by David Jardine of Balgray and were major traders in tea, jute rubber.

The labels also have written on them The Bombay Co Ltd which refers to a company which was founded in 1886 when the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited was transferred and subsequently changed its name having originally started life in Bombay, India as Frith and Company then becoming Wallace and Company in 1848 by founders Lewis Alexander Wallace and Framji Patel.

The latin inscription on the coat of arms ‘vincit veritas’ is latin for ‘truth conquers’.

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