Pineapple Biscuit Tin – Crumpsall Biscuit Works – Crumpsall – Manchester

12 Oct

Biscuit tin and lid. Courtesy L. Gregory.

This is a pineapple biscuit tin from Crumpsall Biscuit Works which opened in Lower Crumpsall, Manchester in 1873 and finally closed in 1986.

The biscuit tin measure approximately 8.89cm x 6.35cm and as the Co-operative Wholesale Society (C.W.S) on the lid and side of the tin.

Co-operation and ‘working together for the good of all’, were the mottos of the Co-operative Wholesale Society, where a strategy was in place by which members would share the profits of the people’ store in the form of cash dividends at set times of the year.

Biscuit tin lid detail. Courtesy L. Gregory.

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