Brass Safe Plate – John Lowe – Albert St/ King St – Manchester

13 Sep

John Lowe brass safe plate – front – circa 1896 – Manchester.

This is a brass plate made by John Lowe, Albert Street/ King Street, Manchester.

There is no date on the plate, although John Lowe was in existence from 1896.

The details of the plate are: John Lowe Manchester, Patent Fire & Burglar Proof Safe Makers.

The plate also shows the lion which appears on the motto for Manchester. The shield is commonly used and is shown here with nine three-leafed clovers or shamrocks, a very common motif in Victorian times. The motif may also hint at possible Irish connections as the shamrock is a well known symbol of Ireland. There is also a figure holding a spear and a shield with a cross on it. Most likely this would be the Cross of St. George, as represented on the national flag of England.

John Lowe brass safe plate – back – circa 1896 – Manchester.

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