Empress Electric Theatre – Oldham Road – Miles Platting

12 Aug

Empress Electric Theatre, Oldham Road in Miles Platting shown here in 2005.

Yet another suspicious fire in June 2006 finally saw off this rare Grade II survivor dating from 1912. Gone forever are the proscenium and flanking baroque style organ cases with paired columns either side of the screen. The splendid facade in red and cream Accrington brick, with it’s castle-like cornice adornments which had been left to ravages of the elements of recent years. Gone are all traces of the luxurious French Rococo-style plaster panels. Niches and medallions symbolising music and performing arts. Gone forever are the extremely rare vestiges.

Gone is yet another historical asset of Miles Platting and Manchester, which cannot afford for it’s “citizens” to preserve and saviour it’s rich social history. At least we have the memory of up to 30 firefighters tackling (successfully) the blaze at their own risk and at our cost, not to mention the “investigation” costs! I’m sure they uncovered a lot!

Strangely Grade II Listed since 5th October 2000! Surely the Council had no plans at all beyond demolition, otherwise it would have secured the building. Who are the guardians of our heritage?

Once again as always people whose communities have been systematically broken apart, have little or no power to stop the rot that the current Council perpetuates what it’s forbearers sowed.

In the pictures to the right is the unique and distinctive Unitarian Chapel (297-301 Oldham Road, Miles Platting, Manchester, M40 7PS) with its famous a asymmetrical roof, stands forlorn, waiting for it’s own execution on the right shortly after the Empress was raised to the ground.

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