Ancoats Hospital – Letter from Eddie Smith – New East Manchester Ltd – To Council – 22nd July 2011

22 Jul

From: Eddie Smith

Sent: 22/07/2011 11:05 GDT

To: Councillor Jim Battle; Councillor Mick Loughman; Councillor Rosa Battle; Councillor John Longsden; Councillor Neil Swannick; Councillor Mike Carmody

Subject: Ancoats Hospital and Dispensary


You may have picked up on the story in Tuesday’s MEN about the proposed demolition of the Ancoats Hospital and Dispensary. Here is some background information: –

Urban Splash lodged a listed building demolition application with planning for the Dispensary on June 29th. This application is pending determination and no demolition works will take place without approval being granted. A date has yet to be fixed for consideration.

The MEN have picked this issue up from the Council‘s published list of applications received and have run the story –  it does not follow from any announcements made by Splash or any other party.

Splash have submitted this application for demolition as they have been unable to find a viable means of taking forward their planned redevelopment of the building. They had commenced work on shell repairs on the basis of an agreement that they thought that they had secured from the NWDA to grant fund these costs. Unfortunately, the Government’s decision to remove the NWDA‘s funding programmes and to close them down has meant that Splash have expended an initial £300k on these works but only received £100k of grant before the tap was turned off. Without grant aid Splash have been unable to take these works to a conclusion.

Since this point Splash have been consulting with Planning and English Heritage and, on their recommendation, have been working with Heritage Works (a charity that specialises in finding ways to preserve and re-use buildings with heritage value) to try to find a viable use for the building and a means of funding essential structural works on the agreement that, if a way forward could be found, the building would be sold for a nominal sum of £1. The building has also been advertised for sale. Although there was interest generated through this process Heritage Works are unable to take on the Dispensary as a project and no party has come forward with a proposal due to the significant costs and viability issues.

In the absence of any alternative Splash have taken the view that they have no option but to demolish as the building is now in an unsafe condition and is deteriorating.

Splash have made clear in the statement they have made to the MEN that they remain open to any credible and deliverable proposal that will preserve the Dispensary while the application is still pending.

I will keep you informed as this matter progresses.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss further at this stage.


Eddie Smith
Chief Executive
New East Manchester Ltd
Tel: 0161 223 1155
Fax: 0161 274 0053

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